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crazy wabbit
07/11/2006, 17h15
Any news on Hex or Carrara? Anything new?
Any ideas when we get a new program or update?

Oh boy, been dry around daz lately.
Not even a new website.


07/11/2006, 17h43
didn't they say it would just be a few weeks until the new websites were up? Wasn't that a couple of months ago? lol

crazy wabbit
07/11/2006, 17h45
I need change, I need to see progress in the company and its product. Modo has an updated new trendy site, why can't we at daz?

08/11/2006, 10h29
I imagine under Eovia we would be getting an email in a week or two about Carrara 6 and Hexagon 2.3. Under Eovia Carrara 6 might have shipped in December. If we do not hear of anything by December about new features in Carrara 6 and a release date for Carrara 6 I will consider Carrara another lost cause like Bryce. Bryce has not mature well in the hands of Daz and the same fate could happen to Carrara and Hexagon. I hope not but as stated we still do not even have a Carrara website.

11/11/2006, 12h17
I feel the same way about DAZ. Sort of a software company wher enoone knows how to code. (nto quite) They aquired a number of popular software titles and now they are languishing. Particularly Hexagon which was released too soon and is very buggy and all the original programmers were fired in the move. Bryce is finally making soem headway after a long time languishing version 6 has a few new features that make it an upgrade.