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30/10/2006, 23h46
This is my first tutorial dedicated to Shade, but which also use Amapi Pro: it will show you how to export a NURBS object, export it as an OBJ file, and then, taking care of the tesselation, and in Shade, how to do a simple rendering with a Skylight and a HDRI map.
It works with Shade 8, 8.5 Std and Pro.

Please, be kind, it's my first tutorial related to Shade :flower:

I hope it will help you! I'll post the final render later! :hi:

Export from Amapi to Shade and simple render - 6.7 Mb - Flash (http://files.polyloop.net/tutorials/ap_2_shd/)


14/11/2006, 18h37
Thomas this is usefull but i can't have it in my disk drive. If i download the page the flash video doesn't play(that is with IE6 and Firefox1.5). Could you please make the video directly downloadable?


14/11/2006, 19h39
I can't generate a single SWF for this kind of video, I'll post later a zip file with everything included!

14/11/2006, 19h58
Thank you very much..

Nate Owens
18/11/2006, 04h30
That is a great video/tut, Thomas.
I know nothing at all about Shade, but your tut is a good start.

About Flash files...
In the normal use of flash the end result is viewable only if it is inserted in a web page format. The viewer must then use their browser to see the file. A stand alone flash file (.swf file) can only be seen if the person owns the flash authoring program that comes with a flash player.

I have distributed Flash made files on a cd as part of an html document. The viewer then uses their browser to open and view the animation.:hi:

john podlesnik
21/11/2006, 17h12
I just watched the tutorial - great! Shade seems like it is well organized and I hope it will be bundled with Amapi 8.

28/11/2006, 10h23
Good tutorial thankyou Thomas!

21/05/2007, 12h03
Hello Thomas, nice tutorial. I would appreciate if you could send the zip file especially of the model. Did you round all edges before tessalation?

21/05/2007, 12h15
all the edges are chamfered, then, that's why you have this rounded aspect.
The model is a NURBS one, which format do you want.