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12/10/2006, 11h12

I want to buy a new computer :)

I don't know if i must buy a computer with 2 xeon dual core or waiting to buy the new Quad Xeon .

Twice offer me 4 cores :)

Have you any idea about this ? advices ??

12/10/2006, 12h48
if you do buy one check this out
type the word CPU in the search box
it will compare prices and show you were to buy it
from a online store to a regular store

12/10/2006, 12h53
Thanks E-Z :)

The price isn't my priority at this time . I want to have a really good workstation.
I don't want to take time to build my own computer this time.
I like the DEll quality, and it's a day saved for me .

What i wouldlike to know is what is the better choice for 3D works .
2 cpu for 4 cores ?
or 1 cpu of 4 cores?

thanks anyway :)

13/10/2006, 22h56
AMD is coming out with quad core processors soon.

25/11/2006, 02h32
If all four cores in the new Xeon processor share a common L2 cache, it ought to provide slightly better rendering performance than two dual-core processors, each with their own L2 cache.

I have an HP workstation in my office that has two dual-core Xeons in it that I like quite a lot... I wish I could have bring it home with me!

26/11/2006, 17h24
I'm agree oncophys,

I've my 2 Xeon core duo ( 5140 ) with 4Go FBD ram in quad channel and i must admit that rendering power is amazing !! :)

Faster than my 2 core2 duo 6400 :)

23/05/2008, 14h18
AMD Phenom series with the xx50 don't have any problems and are almost as good as intel 4 cores. Just wait for sales and price drops make sure the board you get is able to handle this new series of processor.

Have fun:shiny:

Pete Exxtreme
23/05/2008, 16h06
please check the thread date before replying : you've replied to a thread from nov-06 :)