Voir la version complète : Opengl emulator for windows

05/10/2006, 10h19
Time ago I have found, surfing the internet, a web site of a company that sell or go for free (I do not remember well) a software opengl emulator (or driver?) for windows...
Today I need it but I do not remember where I have saw it ...

Someone has seen a similar "product" somewhere?

NOTE: I know that an emulator is not good for modelling/rendering etc. but I need it for a simple test!

Thank in advance
Danilo Massa

05/10/2006, 15h42
I think the company is scitech. An OpenGL wrapper, which translate OpenGL to their DirectX equivalent.

05/10/2006, 15h56
:shiny: Bingo ! :shiny:

Thank juanmanuel!