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28/09/2006, 22h28
I need a realistic model, well real enough, of a young dog, preferably something cuddly cute and adorable with big paws, GErman shepperd, Golden retriever with long hair, looking playful and like a clumsy 'Tollpatsch' (German)

Something easy to pose into a sitting or a position like he's doing a tug of war, pulling backwards at something that just won't give or rip, his head down and butt up but he just can't break it loose.

Anyone knows of a model that would fit that description? it's for a commercial piece, so I can either go with free or paid models. ANyone feel like they want to make one for me ? (non-exclusive). I have yet to see deccent puppy dogs in DAZ, Content Paradise etc... you'd have a sellable product I'm sure. They have millenium dogs but not puppies or young looking dogs, and nothing realy you want to pet unless you're a dog person. I'm more a cat person, with a few exceptions. Some dogs are cute as a cat. And on screen they don't smell :-0ooooooooooooooo

Pete Exxtreme
28/09/2006, 22h43
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29/09/2006, 08h58
Maybe you should make a search in the forum for some of Frenchy Pilou's threads, especially his thread called "mes cool links".
It's in french, but I think he mentionned some websites selling 3d contents more elaborate than DAZ & Content Paradize...

29/09/2006, 10h03

Everybody needs "Scratch"!