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23/09/2006, 17h26
Please keep in mind I am a total noob in this field, buit I am trying to understand the basic concepts before I start wortking in Poser.

I am having a little trouble with the morphing concept. As I understand it, a morphing costume will conform to the model. Ifr so, why is a body morph required for the model and why do the costumes not fit all of the models? Is it because both must be able to change abd there are limits on both? For example, I have a Stefanie petite and would like to use a costume made for V3. Is there a way to get the costume to fit?

Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

23/09/2006, 20h00
Hi and welcome here!

Please, keep in mind that this forum is not dedicated to Poser, but more about 3D creation ;)
I think you better ask this question on dedicated forums, like ContentParadise.com, renderosity, etc :)

25/10/2006, 18h57
there is a good tutorial on poserfashions.com that uses the cloth room. if you use DAZ|Studio (or poser 4) you are out of luck. tweaking with magnets/Dforms is difficult and iffy. take both the figure and clothes into a modeler like amapi and tweak it yourself, otherwise.
I agree with Thomas (though I'm a total n00b too); DAZ's forums are probably the best place to ask; they have very quick replies.