Voir la version complète : how create an hdri image??

19/09/2006, 11h28
Somebody can explain me how to create an hdri image?

19/09/2006, 15h05
Their is a lot of way to build HDRI pictures, but the question is to know for which usage. Now, a lot of photographers use this formats for editing their shoots.

Basicly, you need to do the same shoot of the same place with different exposures. Like this, you will be able to have the information of which part of the image is lighter or darker (in fact, where the lights come from). With a software like HDRShop (free) or Photoshop CS2 (or also Artizan HDR, which I still didn't test...) you can build an HDRI map from these several shots.

After the problem is more to shoot a panormaic picture and how to build your own 360 map... The easier way is to use a christmass ball or a chrome mirror ball and the harder one is to use software like Stitcher for your panorama. This last solution give better results.

Another solution is to use a Fisheye but it's very expensive...

19/09/2006, 15h21
Thomas, is it possible to create an HDRI from a Carrara scene?

19/09/2006, 17h58
by faking, I think.. But I did some tests and was not very happy with the result (you have to play with the glow material). You can in Shade, but I need to do more experiments...

21/09/2006, 01h50
Check this out... it's a little basic, but it does give some of the basics.

It takes some practice, but it works... :blush2:

This file (http://www.kenzden.com/tutorial/test1a.hdr) is a product of the learning process. It was created fully in carrara and the tutorial I created and does an OK job... I just need to play around a bit more... (haven't really had time in the last 9 months because of a little thing called "new son" <proud papa!> :shiny:

Hope it helps