Voir la version complète : Bob is leaving DAZ

15/09/2006, 23h37
I got this from DAZ Carrara
I received an email from Dan Farr regarding this matter and I would like to share this with the community.
Email from Dan Farr regarding Bob Stockwell

Hi Ringo,
I wanted to send you a note to let you know that we have decided to
redeploy Bob Stockwell's position as the V.P. of Sales and Marketing
back to the Utah office. Bob was unable to relocate here to the Utah
office due to his family commitments. We admire him for keeping the
proper priorities. This decision was necessary for the overall health
of DAZ as that Bob's team was the largest in the company and all but
one person on his team are located in Utah. The overhead of having
our head of marketing and sales not located in the main office was
too great for a smaller company like ours. It was a very difficult
decision for us and one that we did not make lightly. Bob was a great
leader for DAZ and has helped tremendously in the merging of two
different company's. We will miss him and hope that he will find even
greater success with his new opportunities.

Dan Farr

Personally I am not to worried about this change as Bob was an administrator and not a developer or programmer. I guess we will have to see if this has any effect on DAZ or Cararra and Hexagon.

Good luck to Bob and his future endeavors.

Stan Johnson

16/09/2006, 00h12
Interresting news :boss:

Does that means that Charles Brissard is working now in Utah ?

I think that the Californian sun is too hard to leave :)

16/09/2006, 10h50
(Thomas who is seeing the news from the Apple Expo ;))

16/09/2006, 10h55
I thought the whole marketing and merging of Eovia and Daz was done very poor.

When is the Carrara website going to be ready?

16/09/2006, 17h37
That would explain why Bob's blog (http://artzone.daz3d.com/blog/index.php?seid=DAZ_Bob) on ArtZone is closed since a few days.

16/09/2006, 17h49
That would explain why Bob's blog (http://artzone.daz3d.com/blog/index.php?seid=DAZ_Bob) on ArtZone is closed since a few days.

i'm gonna miss Bob's Blog, it was so informative lol !!!

20/09/2006, 18h11
Thanks JB.

20/09/2006, 18h32
Thanks JB.

Sorry if my comment came off as extremely sarcastic Bob. I have nothing against you personally of course, i just don't recall seeing any posts on that blog beyond the introduction of it. I know the blog was well intentioned. But obviously there were more important issues you were dealing with on a daily basis. Good luck to you, wherever your path leads...

20/09/2006, 18h44
Just a question: who will handle the communication with the users now?
Good luck to you Bob

20/09/2006, 20h04
Just a question: who will handle the communication with the users now?
Good luck to you Bob
What communication? DAZ does not seem to be interrested in communication with users. I can't see that changing.


20/09/2006, 23h43
I'm not down on Daz for not blogging or communicating much, it's their company and they can run it how they choose. I'll do as I've always done and let the next upgrade tell me if what they are doing is right or not. I have always been happy with the Eovia dev cycle and new features and improvements and of-course Bob's departure is going to impact that... It's not all about coding and there has to be a good mix of comraderie and good spirits to develop good software both inside the company and the community.

As Charles stated in the last chat, do you want us writing blogs or making software? The answer to that is obvious and this seemingly overwhelming need to be communicated to just doesn't wash. That said, Bob was always in the trenches taking issues head on in Yahoo groups and elsewhere and I admire him for doing that. I admire him even more for keeping his priorities straight and placing his family above his immediate career. That takes a lot of guts for any man in my opinion.

Flipside, I can see why Daz wouldn't want their number 2 man working remotely. It's like a long distance love affair, they just never work out and pretty soon you're banging the maid or she's off with some other local hero...

Sometimes both sides can make the right decision and still nobody wins... I hope we start seeing some wins again here pretty soon. It can't be all Charles and Arnaud and Pierre alone, they need help too and if that just comes in the form of support and patience, then so be it.


21/09/2006, 00h02
I'm glad someone mentioned Charles. It seems he's the person with the big burden here - perhaps feeling 'no good deed goes unpunished'.

If I understand things, he led the Carrara team to a quite successful product - and then inherits responsibility the other team at Eovia couldn't finish.

I hope Daz is sensible to buy him all the consultants and help that the Hex project needs. And that they realize how much it needs this.

Kind regards,

21/09/2006, 00h45
It does not really matter what the DAZ communication policy is if the software updates are up to the mark with the competition (within a reasonable time frame). I hope it all goes well with DAZ.

Good luck to DAZ,

21/09/2006, 01h11
I actually think communication and some level of transparancy is important, I didn't mean to infer otherwise, but that's why I think Bob's leaving is a bad thing in the long run.. He is a good spokesman. That said, blogs and such are a bit over the top too...

21/09/2006, 15h10
I don't agree about the Charles quote for the blog. Writting a post on a blog won't take more than 5 minutes.

It never took us a long time to post on the Hexagon Dev' Blog at all... And users where happy to see the progress and all kind of various stuff.

21/09/2006, 16h08
Thomas, I agree - and I called him (Charles) on it gently on the chat.

I was considering at the time the same as I did here - that he is the one caught with responsibility for other people's actions and situations.

Of course it would not take much time to write, if you are ready to say something.

Let's hope that while Bob finds his next good place to be, that Daz finally agrees to understand what they have, and one way or another, make it healthy.

Then they can feel a freedom to talk too. Then we might be more interested in what they apparently would like to talk about, 'making movies'.

Kind regards,

21/09/2006, 20h56
take care Bob!