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08/09/2006, 20h51
hi to all, i just want to know who are the moderators? I can say the name/avatar of about 6 and 2 administrators. Who know the whole list?:hi:

08/09/2006, 21h13
Maybe the list is not complete

Thomas (is God the real master), Hugo (is Judas ("da tru mastah")), Olivier, Dalboris, Graphinc, Piem, Pete extreme, Ph'ink, Thierry, JackAlDesign, Laughingnome, Nichod...mmh

08/09/2006, 21h13
Click here (http://forums.polyloop.net/showgroups.php)

On the very bottom of home page there is link called ViewForum Leaders

08/09/2006, 21h20
I even didn't know there was a list ^^
Moxstudio , Grendel, Gilles Brai ("da nurbs mastah"),
huuu ?? Actually , I do not know Karofa mmhhh :]
but I know Bordeaux :)

Pete Exxtreme
08/09/2006, 21h25
...and we have also the list of the so-called "boulet" BTW :w00t:
How to translate that in English... ? :huh:

08/09/2006, 21h30
you can translate it by....mmmh

"shithead" or "pain in the ass "..They are banned persons
Boulet is the piece of metal (a ball) that prisonners can drag behind them with their feet .

We don't want to drag "boulets" with us. ^^
Generally those persons are linking, sex sites or "code" inside their 1st post .
But everyone can become a boulet.
In this case, the person is warned.
We understand that "Life" is not so easy..so sometimes, everyone can be in a bad mood.

08/09/2006, 22h16
jeje thanks!!

08/09/2006, 22h54
Some of you laready know Karofa ;) Two nickname for the same user :)