Voir la version complète : 3D Meshes of Commodore Products??

31/08/2006, 22h46
Anyone know of a place on the web that might have 3D Meshes of Commodore Products? Like a Commodore 64 Computer, Monitor, Amiga Computer etc...??

A Google Search does not turn up much. And I used to visit a place called 3DCafe which I remember used to have them but the site is down or something.

01/09/2006, 00h24
ah commodore... sigh... long time ago

01/09/2006, 00h39
ah commodore... sigh... long time ago

I still have my C64 :)

I'm trying to make a Music Video (Not commerical) just for fun and the theme is Retro with a lot of Commodore 64 and Amiga imagery. It would be nice to have a 3D model of a Commodore 64 a Monitor etc... There is a Joystick built into Carrara library so I can use that.

Darwin Grigg
03/10/2006, 02h52


They have files IDed as A-2000 and A-3000, which simply has to be the Amiga computers.

Commodores are still fun. My collection only lacks the A-4000 tower to be complete (starting with a Commodore PET). Too bad the Commodore decided to compete against Nintendo rather than Apple....we would probably have P-4 dual core Amigas available. My favorite is the "portable" C-64 with built in 4-inch color CRT and dual floppy drives...about the size of a small suitcase, and as heavy as a satchel full of rocks.