Voir la version complète : New Intel Core duo or Faster AMD

29/08/2006, 20h20
I just bought Photoshop CS2 and use it on my Athlon 64 3000+ computer that I play around with 3D programs on also, I need more speed and I am wondering if anyone here has used Athlon 64's and the new Intels can tell me if it would be worth it to switch to the new Intel processor or just pop the fastest dual core AMD into the computer I have. If the real world differences between the two is great I will get a Intel Core duo computer but if it is not that noticable I will stay with AMD.

I have Cinema 4D CE+ besides Photshop on this computer and I am trying to learn 3D graphics and don't make money off of it so I can live with 10% to 20% slower rendering speeds but if it would be more then that I would buy a new computer.

Thanks Wayne