Voir la version complète : New laptop - wallpaper and benchmark

19/08/2006, 03h18
my new laptop just arrived yesterday...
Only problem is, with this nice 1920x1200 resolution, I have no idea where to start looking for wallpapers...
After I've settled down when I move to Hirakata, Japan next week, I'd like to run a Carrara rendering benchmark, but can't find any around...
Someone made on on xtract a few months ago, but xtract completely disappeared some days ago,
so I guess it's good bye to Carl's nice little site...

Maybe we should think about doing a new benchmark scene,
or does anyone know of one???

Anyway, here are some specs:
Intel Centrino Core Duo 1.83Ghz (T2400)
2GB Ram
ATI X1400 256MB graphics card
100GB drive
17" WUXGA screen

Some other niceties:
6 USB Ports
Firewire (1x4pin)
Memory card reader (just stick them in a slot on the side, tried it with the mmc in my cell phone, worked wonderfully)

Some baddities(yes, it's a homebred word):
No integrated bluetooth
And even weirder: No integrated IR

24/08/2006, 22h43
Niiiice laptop :) Theres a thread here in the french forum where there are 2 different carrara scenes you can render and compare to other peoples results. Of course you have to translate.......