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17/08/2006, 23h05
Where do we report bugs?

On my mac, the "Toolbar Hotkeys are sticky" checkbox in general preferences doesn't work consistently. I want it to be deselected, but it only works fo ra few clicks.

For example, if I'm in the vertex modeler room and have the selction tool, I may clcik on a few polyfons, then click either the spacebar or "d" key to pan around. Wehn I let up on these keys, my tool should revert back to my selection tool, but it doesn't! It's very annoying and sort of negates the whole time-saving point of using key shortcuts if you have to go back to the menu constantly to reset your tools.

Any work arounds?


Pete Exxtreme
17/08/2006, 23h08
All bug reporting must be done on the Daz Website.... :)

18/08/2006, 03h05

Make yourself a separate new login registration for this portal, to be allowed write bug reports.

Bonus benefit: it tracks your own bugs along with but separately from the whole list.

Checkpoint: be sure you select the right category as they have bugs for several products there.