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31/07/2006, 01h04
Will Carrara finally become a high-end app with the release of version 6 possibly before the end of this year or around next year's first quarter? Seems all the biggies have run out of ideas. I think C6 will sweep the 3d community by storm and the hype will last for another year.

31/07/2006, 01h21
I just hope they have all the odds and ends bugs fixed, and haven't introduced new ones.
Has anyone heard any specs on it? How it's different then 5?

And why do I have the fealing I'll have to join the Pclub again to get the upgrade at a fair price.

31/07/2006, 03h32
So few get the best out of Carrara5Pro that the question might be is an upgrade really needed.

What bugs in C5.1?????? (I wish all my other apps were so bug free)

31/07/2006, 03h48
Will we Eovians get a fair upgrade price for Carrara 6 is the bigger question to ask. I think 6 will be a good upgrade but I am not sure about anything after that. Will Hexagon continue to mature?

31/07/2006, 04h31
I expect that C6 is going to have standard subd modeling tools such as a mirror modifier, for one, for symmetry modeling right inside the modeling room, improved selection tools, etc. In other areas it's probably going to have the much needed hair and fur feature; as well as improved animation tools, UV unwrapping and so on. In short, it's going to really be a complete 3d package. None of the highend ones have terrain generator, for instance.

31/07/2006, 06h13
I think the Vertex modeler of Carrara is underated. I admit it is not as good as Hexagon but compared to many other programs it is not bad at all. A few more tools and it will rock. The fact that Carrara can do landscapes and figure animation both is why I have chosen to use Carrara. I think Carrara 6 will offer a few more landscaping tools as well. As of now we are just guessing but I imagine hair and fur will be part of Carrara 6. I would like to think Carrara 6 will ship in late December.