Voir la version complète : Monster House

23/07/2006, 17h06
I just returned from seeing Monster House with the kids and it is awesome. Robert Zemekis used the same motion capture technique developed for Polar Express. They used a more stylized look for the characters though(thankfully) so they managed to avoid the "creepy" look that plagued the polar characters.

The rendering is probably the most impressive thing, it looks like every scene used GI and it came out beautifully. I would reccomend anyone who does 3d to go see this movie.

25/07/2006, 14h26
Is this an old movie or does it come into the cinemas here (in Germany) in the next future?

25/07/2006, 16h01
In the US, it got released just this past weekend. It'll probablly go to Germany, but it may be a few weeks behind. Have you heard anything about this movie before? I would assume that you've had if they are going to translate the language for the general audience and release it there...

I haven't seen it yet, but I'm looking forward to it ;).

26/07/2006, 21h40
Not on screen here yet but sounds fun. I went with my wife son and his girlfriend to Over the Hedge and it was a blast. Isnt it funny how you go to a movie like that and you find yourself studying the bears fur and the eye rendering and the animation timing.

26/07/2006, 22h35
Not really that funny considering the profession/interests we have. When I look around, I notice "Ooo! What a cool texture! I wonder what procedural setting can make that..." or "this object is intersting, I would build thing with a set of splines, here and there and do this.... and this..." to make that shape.


27/07/2006, 20h02
I just got 3Dworld magazine yesterday and theres a writeup of Monster House in it. The CG looks really well done, cant wait to see the movie.o_O