Voir la version complète : ZBrush 2 being sold at DAZ?

23/07/2006, 02h52
I just looked at DAZ's website, and noticed they are reselling ZBrush 2?
What's going on?... Is DAZ giving up on Hex2? Is Pixologic not selling enough copies of ZB on its own?... I'm very confused :(

23/07/2006, 03h03
and while you are at it Hex 2 is now down to $74.50.

23/07/2006, 03h54
For those that were having trouble with Hex2 the interface for Z will be a little harder.

23/07/2006, 05h03
Hex 2 was supposed to be going for ZBrush's throat, but this move seems like DAZ is throwing in the towel... I seriously hope that's not the case, but it's a very odd turn of events...

23/07/2006, 05h43
in daz also sell lightwave, poser, manga studio, etc. its just another software reseller, -maybe this post goes in other section-

23/07/2006, 07h30
ooops, my mistake for jumping to conclusions:blush2:. Actually, i never realized that DAZ sold all of this other software. There is no mention of it within the drop-down "Software" tab, it only appears if you search through the "Software & Utilities" on the left side menu. just another example of how hard it is to discover something on the DAZ website, unless you know exactly what you're looking for... Still i find it odd that they would pick up ZBrush now, when they are trying to develop an app which is directly competing... Oh well, money is money i suppose... :)

23/07/2006, 09h43
DAZ is a proven marketing company not a proven software development company. DAZ has never proven they are capable of any meaningful full scale software development.

If there is any problem with DAZ it is this fact.

23/07/2006, 15h59
thread moved.. :)

30/07/2006, 23h55
If I remember correctly, Daz was selling Zbrush in their store well before they had hexagon. I remember looking at the prices of ZBrush to see how much I need to save up to get it. I did not get it though. I thought of it.

04/08/2006, 11h20
ZBrush 2.5 Preview at Siggraph.


05/08/2006, 01h47
ZBrush 2.5 Preview at Siggraph.


i saw these vids yesterday, and my mind was totally blown. They are working with 22,000,000 polys o_O on screen and the movements are still smooth! (Hex becomes unusable to me at around 2,000,000 polys). And those new alpha masking tools are amazing... there were lots of rumors about Mudbox taking King ZBrush's crown. But after seeing these new ZB features, i can see where most studios will use both. Mudbox seems very specifically designed for sculpting only (displacement layer mixing is a huge advantage over ZB). But ZB can do so many more tasks, especially in the (near?) future... I am demoing ZB again (3rd time) to see if i can finally manage the UI.