Voir la version complète : Jack Russell where have you gone ?

12/07/2006, 20h19
Jack where did you go and your work ??
I went to show a friend one of your works and poof its gone !! They all are ?:ermm:

14/07/2006, 02h46
Where have you gone Jack?
Come back, don't listen to Ray Charles and his Hit the Road Jack, and don't you come back no more,
it's not good for you, and we like to see what kind of nice renders you've been making lately...

14/07/2006, 09h42
Yes Jack, should we alert the authorities, or send out a search party, its been nearly a week.

15/07/2006, 22h46
Well, although he lives in my country, his town would be too far away to visit him just to see whether he is alife or not....
I hope he'll come back soon!