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11/07/2006, 17h41
Interested in what? I'm checking to see if there is any interest in a inexpensive webhosting service geared towards Carrara/Hex/etc? As I'm looking into providing such a service, but need to gage the interest and how much users would be willing to pay? etc.

I'm looking at providing the following for $5/month no setup fee or any other fee.

1 gig of webspace
5 gigs of bandwidth
unlimited email accounts

And all the usual stuff included: php support, ruby on rails, python, etc. etc.
If you've researched webhosting services, you'll see this is a damn good deal. But I'm not going to put out the cost to do it if I can't get at least 10 seriously interested individuals.

If you are interested please contact me @ brian@cginsomniac.com