Voir la version complète : PC vs. Mac

dr neverhood
08/07/2006, 07h11
There isn't a tech section of the boards so I guess this must go here.

For Eovia software, I would like to know what advantages and disadvantages there are to running on either platform. If there is somewhere else with this information, please give me a link.

Thank you for your time.

08/07/2006, 07h44
Ohh, always a bad idea to bring this up but okay, I'll bite. The guys who made the software did it on PC's. End of thread. lol

08/07/2006, 08h01
If you bought a Mac, prepare to be willing to buy a PC to resolve the software issue once and for all.

08/07/2006, 13h03
oups, I forgot to open the hardware section on the english side...

10/07/2006, 00h28
I'd say right now Windows is what I'd definitely recommend because there are no universal binaries for the Mac side. If you buy a new Mac, you'll be running Carrara or Hexagon in emulation mode. Of course if you're interested in MacOS or apple hardware, bootcamp running windows on the new Apples is a nice platform for Carrara (not so much a Hex guy so don't want say how it runs). I do most of my work on a MacBook Pro running Windows.

Even if/when the UB problem is solved, I'd say Windows has some advantages over MacOS; usually better OpenGL drivers, threading is more efficient for the Carrara renderer, and plug-ins from new plug-in developers tend to be available first on the Windows side.

11/07/2006, 07h54
PC of course. Many advantages over Macs currently. More choice too in may 3d applications in general.

Aunty Betty
11/07/2006, 13h16
I run Macs I much prefer Macs to pc's - but have to agree with the above with regard 3D software.