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30/06/2006, 01h54
The forum for polyloop is almost the exact same as for eovia3d.net. I thought it might be set up a lot different but I guess we are used to the GUI of eovia3d.net. No need to make any changes if it worked before.


30/06/2006, 01h57
some changes will happen in the structure itself, but as I wrote in the blog, no major changes.
You can change for the new template on the bottom left of each page.

30/06/2006, 04h38
Very well done Thomas. This will be the real site for "Eovians" to get away from all the other rubbish ones. Thank you for your efforts.

30/06/2006, 08h17
Yep, thanks Thomas for keeping this going. What would I do without this forum. Long live polyloop.

30/06/2006, 10h39
You can change for the new template on the bottom left of each page.

Thanks Thomas! I think that the old "Eovia3D.net" theme is more "restful" for the eyes!


30/06/2006, 10h43
Congratulations for this new look!!!!!

30/06/2006, 10h55
Danilo: that's why I keep the old style ;)

30/06/2006, 13h17
I agree with Danilo, the orange was a little intense.

30/06/2006, 13h29
Thomas, congratulations to get the site moved.

I think it might be better to have an automatic forwarding on Eovia3d.net for a while. I was quite surprised when some of my automatic tools couldn't find the forum this morning...

Thank you for making the old template available. The orange is quite exciting the first time you see it...but then, as others say, it's a bit rough. I think we feel in design that it is a kind of 'caution sign'.

Which makes me think - if you want an unusual colour, how about some interesting shade of green?

Just a thought...and kind regards,


30/06/2006, 14h13
I dont mind the orange but I think the olive and green clash, I would prefer pale yellows for those.... a cheerfull little ray of sunlight in the night. I will use the new scheme as it is like a new beginning.

But its not the main thing.

30/06/2006, 14h19
I plan to add more template later, but I have to finish everything first, and there is still a lot of stuff to be done...
(and i'm not at home this week end..)

30/06/2006, 14h24
Thomas, it must be a very well-deserved rest.

Nice wishes to you and your family.


30/06/2006, 14h45
Not a rest, it's for a wedding of friends, and it's far away from home. Then, no rest ;)

30/06/2006, 15h00
No, no rest then indeed ;)

Good wishes anyway ;)

And, if you want a moment less rest, might fix the link for the translation menu at the bottom of pages...hoping this can give satisfaction for your drive...

Clive (Narration)

30/06/2006, 21h02
Thomas .. Great job.. I like the orange/grey nice look

01/07/2006, 02h01
Love the new website and the template.:w00t: It kind of looks like the subdivision website.
The only thing I miss is the small section from the homepage where you can see the last post that a member posted on a thread. I hope it could be brought back.:unsure:
And by the way, have fun on the wedding.:happy:

02/07/2006, 23h30
Mon_stdnt: I'll take a look if a wordpress plugin exists for that. (well, I think I can plug the RSS feed)

Thanks for the comments!