Voir la version complète : Updating Nvidia driver?

28/06/2006, 11h20
I see the nvidia forceware drivers 91.31 are no longer beta

28/06/2006, 12h18
Hi all

The instructions say to remove the old driver, any idea which options Im supposed to check here?:read: My mboard uses the NForce 4 drivers.

cheers tony

28/06/2006, 12h33
Updated last night. AO on hexagon 2 works better now.

28/06/2006, 12h40
Cool, but in the screen above do I just remove the nvidia display driver and leave the other drivers ie audo etc

28/06/2006, 15h31
Not to worry forged ahead and installed new driver successfully using brail method . Also took my system out of sli mode and have run hex 2.1 up over 3 million polys on dual monitors and still able to move it around without my mesh disappearing so thats an improvement over the old driver. Ambient occlusion still slow on 40K polys. Attached pic shows C5 spread over two monitors with a model im experimenting with rigging and animating... cool.