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03/06/2006, 21h46
you like to see, read or listen?
That could be the best way to avoid disapointing items that you regret or delete!
Specially if as has been remarked many time by Thomas that this is HIS PRIVATE FORUM.
Please i will appreciate !
Thanks in advance

03/06/2006, 22h26
I'd prefer a list of topic that He or We do not want to see..the list should be very short in fact :)

but a part of the rules are here
http://www.eovia3d.net/showthread.php?t=5611 ( when thomas wrote : "To finish about this, please, do not amalgamate Eovia and this forum".

I understand that Eovia is Daz now.
and so on for the sofware price ..download matters, voucher matters etc..not that it's absolutelly forbiden ( it would be non_sens) but you have to understand also the situation for Thomas (ex eovia..no job for now) and other people ...)Just do not make a fuss about it.

Pete Exxtreme
03/06/2006, 23h34
...and i just want to say than before that DAZ affair, the former Amapi.net forum even didn't have any moderator, because people were talking about 3D and showing their artwork, even if Amapi was bugged to death on the x.0 versions...
It's the first time we have unfortunatelly to moderate the threads (because of neverending complaints, fights etc...)... and i hope this time will be over soon....

04/06/2006, 03h04
Well i see there is the intention from you to direct in a positive manner your forum, be sure all of us will help to this wish.

i will do my best from now rejecting to participate in any polemic non-technical discussion.

04/06/2006, 15h11