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02/06/2006, 20h06
So you purchase software... and pay a pretty price because you don't mind paying for quality.. Then you see your software bundled with some other software and the price is less than what you paid for just one of the 3 that are bundled.. that just makes me ANGRY:rtfm:

Daz's latest stunt/special offer.
Not that I would want what is bundled but it is still cheaper.

02/06/2006, 20h39
Sometimes it sucks being a consumer. There are just situations that are unavoidable.

02/06/2006, 20h44
I can add Ford to this list too LOL

03/06/2006, 00h11
if you just bought from the other deal within the last 30 days, you can return it, get a refund and use the refund to buy the better offer. just a suggestion. :)

that's Daz or for that matter, any store. you buy something at a great deal, and the next month or it could even be a few months later, you say darn i would prefer the new deal.
its the way the cookie crumbles.

EDIT to add this from the newsletter

And for all those who have already purchased the Carrara 5 Pro product since its release at DAZ, the full Mega Software Bundle is now in your account!** Download links for Bryce 5.5 and Mimic Pro have been set up in your available downloads and an in-store credit for the difference in price will be added to your account within the next few days.