Voir la version complète : Who owed/owns Eovia Corp/Eovia Europe?

02/06/2006, 03h32
May I ask a few questions of the world in general that have been puzzling me?

DAZ Productions Inc. acquired Eovia Corporation. Who did DAZ acquire it from?

DAZ Productions Inc. did not acquire Eovia Europe S.A. If Eovia Europe S.A. was originally a subsidiary of Eovia Corporation, does that mean Eovia Corporation sold Eovia Europe S.A.? If so, who bought it from Eovia Corporation?

If Eovia Europe S.A. was not a subsidiary of Eovia Corporation, who did/does own it?

02/06/2006, 13h07
Hi Mpilgrem,

Eovia SA is the head company, held by European people.
Eovia Corp was a subsidiary of Eovia SA (100% of Eovia Corp's shares were belonging to Eovia SA)
Eovia SA sold its Corp's shares to Daz

Eovia SA remains an independant company, with no subsidiary, operating under the French law.

Hope this is more clear for you now! :)

02/06/2006, 15h23
What are the future plans of Eovia SA ?
eg. new products, Amapi improvements/changes etc


02/06/2006, 16h15
Billox: Why not have explained that from the start? Because, in fact, much of silly things were written, is not this!

Pete Exxtreme
02/06/2006, 16h17
Huh.... sounds a bit strange to me....o_O

03/06/2006, 02h20
Billox: Thank you for removing my confusion. Your answers, for me, cast a new light on much of what has been written, speculating about who did what to whom for what reason.

I am probably too old to use this adjective properly, but I've always thought that Hexagon was a really cool product. I hope Eovia Europe S.A.'s future is a bright one.


03/06/2006, 02h46
Billox, your tag should be "Amapi's Daddy", not Dady. Thanks for the clarification.

07/06/2006, 12h13
@Corndog: Eovia SA is currently working in defining and setting up the most appropriate structure to handle the future of Amapi Pro and more generally, of the company. More news very soon.

@Marc: The Eovia SA->Eovia Corp relationship has been explained serveral times, but there are so numerous people and places talking about the DAZ deal everywhere that of course many of you missed the info...

@Pete: What does sounds strange to you? o_O

@mpilgrem: Thanks for your comments on Hexagon.

@Patrick: Thanks for your spelling correction. Well actually, Thomas assigned that tag to me and apparently fixed it! :)

10/06/2006, 14h26
Well I have to admit it sounds strange to me also. Never thought SA was the one that threw the towel into the ring.

:warning: Sarcastic humour ahead!
For me this sort of explains the quality of Hexagon 2 at this stage. It is all made as a toy in mind and sold to a toy-store and it's up to them to get rid of that stigma. lol
:warning: End

Thanks for Carrara1.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Amapi 6, and 7 and Hexagon 1.21.

I hope everything works out for SA the way they planed it. And success with creating new business.

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