Voir la version complète : problems with DAZ site??

01/06/2006, 01h03
Hey all, anyone else having problems with the site?

-I'm logged in and wanted to edit my profile. I had to re-log in but got an error. (my password does not match.
-I wanted to purchase the $1.99 HEX offer last night. Mind you I'm still logged in, but when go through the check out I need to re-log in and get and error AGAIN! PW doesn't match!!!
- I want to note a bug report so I go to the DAZ bug link. I log in and guess what? I GET A #*&@! ERROR!!!! My PW doesn't match!!!! I click on "create a new account" and type in my new password AND IT DOESN"T WORK!!!!!

Well I didn't really need to get the $1.99 deal.
And I just won't log bugs in to the bug link.
AND I guess my voucher will stay at DAZ in limbo.


01/06/2006, 02h46
pointless creating a new account as you need to be a pc member to get it for 1.99.
try deleting cookies. if that doesn't work and i don't know if you need to be logged in to send this but try sending a note to them in the contact form http://www.daz3d.com/support/contact_form.php
or better still phone, their numbers are 1-800-267-5170
1-801-495-1777 and explain your situation.

01/06/2006, 03h12
THanks L33,

Well, I should be a PC member for year because of the preorder deal. Also, I did send them an email. I have been working with them when this first happend a few weeks ago. BUT it still is messing me up.
I didn't think about the cookies thang. I'll give it a go! Thanks for the help.


01/06/2006, 05h01
i think the special ends today depending on there time zone.

i went to my (Available Downloads and Product Serial Numbers)
and nothing is there
But it says
(Date Downloads Expire 7/4/2006 at 16:52:50)
which is still active
so why dont i see any downloads:crying2:

01/06/2006, 10h25
it is still 1.99 for platinum club members.

regarding the download E-Z i don't know whats up with that, but if you still don't see a download link, contact Daz on the form i linked above or phone them. :)

actually E-Z that 'download' is probably you pc membership as the expiry date is July and downloads are not usually that long in the account.
i take it you have bought Hex? if so and you need to download it go to your itemized order history and find the Hex purchase and to the far right request a download reset and you'll get an email telling you when it will be available to redownload, doesn't usually take more than half an hour.

01/06/2006, 10h50
I move the thread in the misc section :)

01/06/2006, 15h30
I had about $7 left in my $100 voucher at DAZ after getting the AdvancedPack. I didn't know my pc already expired last 27 May. I meant to spend the change for some of those bossomy amazons in there...:shiny:

01/06/2006, 22h54
I meant to spend the change for some of those bossomy amazons in there...:shiny:

With Hexagon, you can make your own! :)