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22/05/2006, 21h14
In case I haven't mentioned it yet, I am a nay saying, pessimistic, rable rousing, COB.
I expect ptoblems with this, but I feel it's something I must ask.
Has Daz and poser become dirty words around here? It seems when someone has a question about how to use poser content in Carrara5 or Hex2 they are directed to the Daz forum. I'm not asking about Daz studio or poser, I'm asking about Carrara5 and/or Hex2. Would I be directed to the 3dsmax forum if I asked how to open/use a 3ds file in Carrara or Hex? Would I be directed to the PSP forum if I asked how to use a PSP texture in Carrara or Hex?
Beleave me I can understand animosity tword the buying out of Eovia, and till that happened I wasn't on the Daz forum, I was here. But if there is bad fealing twords Daz or poser please take it out on them, not me. I don't have poser I don't use Daz studios. I have Carrara 5 pro and Hex2. And I have been using poser content in Carrara 5 longer then Daz has owned it.
So please if I have a question about using poser content in Carrara or Hex don't direct me to the Daz board. Most of the people there know less about these programs then I do.

23/05/2006, 00h09
This is my only guess.

I don't think DAZ is a dirty word around here. I just think that the forum owner just wants to avoid the forum being dominated by DAZ administration/business questions and comments (the DAZ forums are better for things like that).

I think that the forum owner desires a focus on 3d creation questions related to Amapi, Hexagon and Carrara. I really can't blame the owner for this position as it is his site. It is a positive direction.

I think questions about the use of Poser (or other applications like zbrush and others) with Carrara or Hexagon are within acceptable limits, but that is just my assumption from the way certain posts are being handled.

I could be wrong.

How 'bout it Thomas?

23/05/2006, 14h50
Good guess Steama :)
"Poser" stuff isn't banned here at all. I just don't want this forum becoming a "Poser" related forum, because of the acquire of Carrara and Hexagon by DAZ.

23/05/2006, 15h58
This is why I like this forum. Can you imagin the hateful flaming a similar posting would have gotten on the Daz forums.
But this is the crux of my statment "It seems when someone has a question about how to use poser content in Carrara5 or Hex2 they are directed to the Daz forum." If I have a question about Daz studio, or poser I would ask on the Daz forum, where I would expect to get helpful advice. But if I have a question about Hex, or Carrara I would ask it here, regardless of what content I was trying to use in them.

27/05/2006, 23h24

I think the reason you do not get answers for your Poser questions is because most Carrara users do not use Poser.

You are correct about the Daz forums. They are very anal over there. The Dazzers love their 3-D clip art and the Daz memberships. I think they hate people who create their own models. Dazzers think people who design the models are stupid for wasting time modeling. Perhaps they are jelous. They think paying $99.99 for Carrara is to much money yet they can afford to pay for a Daz Membeship? I find that odd. There freaks if you ask me but now Carrara and Hexagon are part of the circus act.

I think it sucks that Daz bought Carrara and Hexagon. I don't think the goal of Daz is to make great software but instead to use great software as bait for the Daz member ships.

28/05/2006, 03h43
Hmm I do seem to recall saying over at Daz, that I didn't like haveing the Pclub membership shuved down my thoart, just to get hex2 for $!.99. Even though it was one of those "get it on the market, fix it later" things. I mean, so what If people demanded there $1.99 back on it, Daz still had the $30.
As far as I'm concerned it was released too early and Daz was well awair of the problem, they just wanted to get it in the hands of as many people as posable before the new Modo and Silo came out.

"They think paying $99.99 for Carrara is to much money yet they can afford to pay for a Daz Membeship? I find that odd." What strange is they a more then willing to pay $35 for a model I could make in a couple of weeks, and be up by quite a few new textures when done. :shiny:

28/05/2006, 04h37
I hear you load and clear. I don't think Daz is concerned about bring union between the Dazzers and Eovians. I bought Carrara so I could make my own models not join a club for 3-D clip art. I think some of the Dazzers have a hard time turning on the PC let alone finding the texture room. Some of the Dazzers asked me why I was over in the Daz forums if I did not like the Daz models or Bryce? Unfotunatly Daz owns my 3-D program of choice. I do not like the Daz forums or Daz but Carrara is part of the circus. I dont' think Carrara users hate Dazzers but rather Carrara users want to do everything themselves instead of buying 3-D clip art or using premade shaders. I know some Dazzer even buy premade shaders for Bryce. I think most Dazzers are happy to import figures and use premade shaders but Carrara users are not Dazzers and do not want to become Dazzers. Daz is trying to hard to make us all Dazzers. For those who buy Daz content that is OK with me but don't use Hexagon as bait to hook me in. I am an adult not a fish.

28/05/2006, 05h30
I told them that I came with Eovia and they would just have to tuff it out.
I don't make all my models, A bit beyond me just yet, I generally only use car models or poser figures, they're a nice props for my scenes. And I also can't leave well enough along, so I modefie most of the car models; I like to get a base and work from there, and of coarse I like to texture. Even the poser figures I use are retextured; skin just looks better if it 3 or 4 layers thick.

28/05/2006, 06h25
I hear ya. I am there because of the Eovia buy out. I dont think Daz cares about the Carrara user base as much as the Daz memberships.

I think you and I as well as most Carrara users may not be the best modelers but we have Carrara to help us become better modelers. We also want to have fun so at times buying a Daz model will let us enjoy Carrara that much more. I used to use Daz models and I understand Daz selling member ships for the Dazzers who use Bryce and Daz Studio. Carrara is a much higher end package than Daz Studio or Bryce and has a different user base. Daz needs to learn how to please it's whole user base not just the Daz members. I hope things change at Daz but I doubt they will.