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16/05/2006, 23h48

I posted a forum at Studica Skills link (http://www.studica.com/forums/topic.cfm?topicid=93) involving " why their isn't a competion for Carrara/or HExagon?" They say they will contact the Eovia people.

If they do can you make it happen. please:blush2:

17/05/2006, 02h30
As I already have both C5Pro and Hexagon a competition to win them would not interest me much. Now, the entire DCG plugin collection, well that might be a different story :shiny:

17/05/2006, 03h01
Art is not a compation.

17/05/2006, 04h03
Art is a competition is your playing for $500.:)

<Ash> it maybe a prize if you post it their forum. http://www.studica.com/forums/topic.cfm?topicid=87

17/05/2006, 09h23
mon_stdnt: it's not me who you need to contact at Eovia. I'm from Eovia Europe, not from Eovia US/DAZ...
BTW, no problems to promote the contest here!

I also edited your links, which have 2 errors (twice http:// and a : missing :))

17/05/2006, 14h59
mon_stdnt I see we have a different philosophy on art.

07/06/2006, 01h26
the Carrara and Hex competion are up.:w00t:

The Eovia Carrara and Hexagon competitions are up... Have a look!

http://www.studica.com/skills/competition.cfm?competitionid=100 (http://www.studica.com/skills/competition.cfm?competitionid=100) (Hexagon 2)

http://www.studica.com/skills/competition.cfm?competitionid=99 (http://www.studica.com/skills/competition.cfm?competitionid=99) (Carrara 5 Pro)

09/06/2006, 13h07
Website not working for me (perhaps a DNS problem)