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11/05/2006, 14h09
Hi guys,
yesterday I have recived an offer for buy Modo. Some time ago I have tested this software but in fast way (I had already hexagon, and I was happy therefore, but now... I am tried to change). :blush2:
My first difficulty with Modo has been immediate. In hexagon is simple to understand as to move, to redimension or to ruotare, but in Modo
always I click did not select the face or the edges, but the modifier was moved.
I know, this question is much stupid.
There is some Modo users that can help me to understand the bases?
Or where I can find documentation "for dummies"? (on the Modo site no manuals can be downloaded and the info's starting to the concept that I already know)

Thanks in advance :hi:

11/05/2006, 14h14
I play around with modo. Its a great modelling software and easy to use like Hex. One of the thing about modo is when nothing is selected everything is selected:) so if you want to move the whole object you will just activate the move tool and move the object (handlers) and then drop the tool.

If you have an account at modo forum, you can download the documentation they are excellent. Great video and check out the forum. Its very much Hex like community.

Let me know if you have more questions.

11/05/2006, 18h11
well ive had hex since it came out and now have hex 2 :)
Ive been using the modo demo for 3 months and finally bit the bullet and brought it a couple days ago :) buy Modo 103 and get modo 201 free offer :)
If you are going to buy Modo do it soon , the buy modo 103 get 201 free offer finishes soon , modo 201 will be released near the end of may :)
While i love hex and its tools and ease of use , I find modo easy to use too once you get used too it :) Hex has some modelling tools that Modo doesnt have , But modo has tools hex dosent have :) So im using both depending on what i waht to do/make :)
The fall of tools and deforming tools in modo are a dream :) and modo 201 gets a render engine and layered materials :)
To move rotate and scale ect there are icons under the basic tab which bring up manipulators simular to hex , or use keyboard , W=move , E= rotate , R= scale .
Both Hex and Modo are great modelling tools in there own right .

11/05/2006, 18h59
Compared to Hexagon 2 Modo is very, very, costly. I guess it just depends on your modeling needs. I'm one that will stick with Hexagon 2.

11/05/2006, 23h44
If you check the Luxology website (the forum actually), you will see that the upcoming version (201) seems to have very strong texturing and rendering features.

I can not speak a lot about Modo as I'm a very recent user but I see Hexagon and Modo as complementary and not competitors.
For Carrara users, maybe it's another story...

If you decide to buy, do it now. The pre-release offer ends on 17 May.

12/05/2006, 00h49
Nah, I'm waiting for DAZ to buy Luxology and offer Modo 201 for $3.00.

I'm sorry. I was just poking fun of the whole acquisition thing. Seriously, Luxology's target has always been the highend market. So, yes if you have the money, it's worth buying it.

12/05/2006, 15h37
Hi guy's,
thank's for your replay, I have re-dowloaded the Modo trial an I have obtained a renual demo license. Now my first problem is my poor english that it dont allow me to express wery well my questions (and to write without mistakes), sorry for this.
The second problem is: I create a cube, click on "poligons" type of selection, click on a face, press "W" for obtaining "move", appear the manipulators and now I am be able to move the selected face in X Y or Z axis. If I want to move another face I must press "W", than select another facet an repress "W". If I don't press "W", I don't select another facet but I move the pivot center of the previous face... :ermm:
In hexagon I create a cube, I select the universal manipulator, than I am be able to select faces, edges or points for moving, scaling or rotate with single click's (to much immediate).
They are I that mistake, or is it Modo complicated?
Exists another simpler and immediate way?

Thank's :hi:

12/05/2006, 17h12
Hi psaldari , The universal manipulator in hex is a great tool ,
I wish modo had one ,
When you activate a tool in Modo you have to "drop the tool " (space bar) before making another selection . thats just how modo works ,
when you have a manipulator selected clicking in the work space moves the manipulator , which can be handy with some tools .
I suggest that you use the activate help system of modo , F1
this turms your cursor into a question mark , and if you then click on a tool it will show a help page with video showing how that tool is used , very helpful for new users :)
but you have to download and install the media files from the website to get the videos.
If you me any more help just ask :)
also a good place for modo help is http://forums.luxology.com/discussion/
Cheers and happy Modoing :)

13/05/2006, 12h55
Yes senyac, the F1 is a great resurce! Thank's!
finally I begin to understand Modo (and I "play with it) :shiny:

Paolo :hi: