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11/05/2006, 07h51
Hi , Im selling Zbrush 2 download version and single licence
for $300
prefer to sell to local Australian buyers but I will consider international buyers
if interested contact me kcaynes@bigpond.net.au

02/06/2006, 13h28
aakkk!!!! gasp!!!! wow!!!

03/06/2006, 16h15
Hi There

I am in the market for Zbrush 2. I am in South Africa, but have a colleague in Melbourne, so the transaction can be easier.

If I buy does this still allow me their free 2.5 update ?

Let me know

Allistair Wessels


05/06/2006, 08h27
Are you there Senyac ?


05/06/2006, 09h31
Sorry Ive been away for a few days and only got back today ,
Im not sure if you will get the free 2.5 update with this version .
Its the 1.5 version with the version 2 upgrade that Im selling ,
Im also not sure if the version 2 reg code will work on the demo
or if Ill have to send you the program and code on CD ?
I will contact pixologic and find out :)
I have a paypal account so thats an option we could maybe use .
I let you know what Pixologic says as soon as they get back to me .

06/06/2006, 03h52
Hi , awessels ,
I got info from Pixologic about the transfer of Zbrush licence :)
You need to send me your informantion
EG: Your full name , address , phone number and email address ,
Then once you have paid me , i sent your info to Pixologic and they will contact you with information on how to download and install zbrush ,
You will also get the free upgrade when zbrush 2.5 when its released :)
email me kcaynes@bigpond.net.au
if your still interested .

08/06/2006, 10h23
That sounds good. Does this still mean a $300 deal ? Very good re the 2.5 upgrade aswell. Thanks for taking the trouble with Zbrush.

I will proceed to sort out the maney transfer.



08/06/2006, 10h47
Yes Allistar . $300 is still the deal :)
I didnt know about the 2.5 free upgrade until i contacted pixologic lol
but that dosent matter $300 still will do fine :)
I dont use Zbrush anymore because I find Hex and Modo 2 easier to use for me :)

09/06/2006, 08h33
OK Senyac, I also need your paypal details so that I can set up payment/transfer (over the weekend). My colleague in Aus can do the transaction to you as he uses Paypal too.

What I would appreciate is some form of comfort that this is bona fide, perhaps by way of a confirmation from Pixologic that this transaction/transfer of licence is given their blessing ?. I am expected to download from them right ?

No distrust just confirmation. For me it is still a serious payment (About R 2 400- we are at R6.7 to the Dollar). Your offer is however a big saving for me and I would be grateful to be able to acquire Zbrush from you at this good price.

Paypal makes it very easy. Best regards


09/06/2006, 08h48
Hi Allistar ,
I can send a paypal request for the money , then you just use that to send the money through paypal :)
As for a confirmation I can send you the copy of the pixologic email ,
and Yes you will be downloading the program from them .
Pixologic wont actually send you the download information ect until I notify then that the program has been sold and the transfer needs to be done .

09/06/2006, 09h01
Hi Senyac
Thanks for the Pixologic email info, I am fine with doing this transaction. I will set up Paypal and proceed to action the transaction. I am looking into how Paypal works from here, and will let you know which way they prefer. Thanx

09/06/2006, 09h08
Hi awessels ,
If you have made a paypal account with your email address I can request money with paypal , or you can use the send money option using my email address ,
Its very easy :)