Voir la version complète : Daz:Studio Renderman Comlpiant?

09/05/2006, 16h15
I just downloaded DazStudio so I can understand better some of the questions being asked about workflow with it, I've never had Poser so am unfamiliar with them.

I do have a question though if someone knows: What does "Renderman Compliant" mean other than attaching a great renderer name to the 3Delight engine. I've looked at the DazStudio web shots and they don't look good and I've only played with it for an hour but I have not had good looking output from it.

09/05/2006, 19h52
Hi, Grendel. I believe U can get more info HERE (https://renderman.pixar.com/products/whatsrenderman/index.htm) .

It's a standard established by Pixar, some time ago. :hi:

09/05/2006, 21h03
Thansk LG, a pretty dry read, so they did what was necessary to attach a good name to a poor renderer

09/05/2006, 22h04
3Delight is VERY capable rendering engine. Problem is DAZ studio itself. It is still not using lot of features of 3Delight, which renders hair and fur exceptionally btw.

I guess they gonnna hold on that one for some time, lot of premade hair in their store, lol.

Did you check this 3Delight gallery (http://www.3delight.com/renderman_gallery.htm), gives you more insight about what it can do :hi:

10/05/2006, 10h15
Hmmm, still not that impressed but good hair. I'll play around with it a little, I can process stuff through Silo to get the .rib file.

10/05/2006, 22h04
Having a rib file won't help with Studio renders... There's no way to use it. D/Studio only renders the output from the scene.

In order to use the rib, you can download a copy of the full 3Delight engine: http://3delight.com/renderman_download.htm