Voir la version complète : Fore Sale: truespace mega bundle $500

09/05/2006, 10h42
For sale :
True space 5.2 boxed version with manual ,
Downloaded upgrade to TS 6.6 (burnt to CD)
Downloaded upgrade to TS 7.0 (burnt to CD)
Downloaded TS 7.1 patch , TS7 = $595
V-ray render engine , = $299
16+ Calgari training course videos , $79 each
RayPak (original CD)= $199
FxPak (original CD)=$199
AniPak (original CD)=$199
DePak (original CD)=$199
ConversonPak 2.1 (Download version burnt to CD)=$199
iPak (Download version burnt to CD)=$199
GamePak (Download version burnt to CD)=$199
Dozens of third party Plugins and shaders ect
well over $3000 of TS stuff

ALL FOR $500 or nearsest offer

If interested contact kcaynes@bigpond.net.au
I would prefer to sell to local Australian
but i will consider international buyer .

09/05/2006, 11h59
Just to be curious, why do you sell it? it seems to be the last version, no?

09/05/2006, 12h18
Hi Thomas ,
yes it is the latest version but I dont like the direction the software is heading ,
and I havent used TS since I started using Carrara :)
TS doesnt have poser support ect
and to tell the truth I was a proteam member with TS6.6 and so I got the TS 7 version free , I just had to buy the V-ray engine which is nice but one problem is that with 3 render engines to choose from you need 3 sets of shaders/materials , one for each engine ? that seams crazy to me , having to create 3 sets of shaders , takes more time and uses more Hard drive space .
Also with the player window and modeling window both with there own modelling tools ,
so you have to swap between these to windows to use all the modelling tools ???
I know that all the tools will be in the player window with time ,
The link editor might be ok for some people but i dont like it myself ,
the change from TS6 to TS 7 is so vast that its like having to learn a new program
and the learning curve is alot steeper now :(
If I have to learn a new tool I would prefer to learn something thats in the more professional league like Lightwave :)
Im thinking of getting lightwave because of its cloth and hair support :)
TS still hasnt added needed features like cloth and hair ect which it really needs more than all the eye candy that they have added to TS 7 .
But alot of people seam happy with TS 7 but it doesnt suit my needs anymore .
but for what I need Carrara/ hex and poser suits me the best :)

11/05/2006, 01h10
You might want to drop the price to $299.99 or put it on ebay. I see you have a lot of plugins. I only got $90.00 buck for TS 4.3 and 5.0 with several plugins. I sold it back when 6.0 was hot. I can not imagine you getting more than $299.99 but you might. I imagine you got a sale price for some of the plugins.

11/05/2006, 07h46
well I must be asking too much seeing ive had no offers :(
but TS7 is $595 and V-ray is $299 so I thought with all the extras i have $800 was a good price .
well lets try $500 :) less that the full price of TS 7 :)

26/12/2006, 13h02
Hi. I can offer 250$... considering that I already own truespace 6.6

let me know if you're interested!