Voir la version complète : I need someone to model for me

04/05/2006, 03h59
Hello, I am working on a website that contains an online comic of my own making. Originally I was planning on using 3D totally for the panels (with some light photoshop touch-ups as necessary.
However the learning curve is simply proving too great. It is taking up way too much time learning how to model and rig etc.
It looks like I need to pay someone else to construct and rig my characters ready for use.
There are five intitial characters needed with other lesser characters being introduced as needed.
Obviously at this stage funds are quite limited. The characters are designed and ready to be modeled. They are semi-realistic cartoon characters, fairly simplistic.
If anyone is interested in doing some cheap modelling work for me can you please email me at wolf@cartoonartclub.com or reply in this forum.
Thank you,