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02/05/2006, 02h28
:hi: I just wanted to take a few minutes to say hello and introduce myself. I'm Tony (B)42. From what I've seen here so far, I feel like I'm going to enjoy this forum and learn a great deal. I've been working in 3D art for about 15 years now (got really into it with the first release of poser) and have recently started to make my own models (what a fun learning expereince so far!)

I'm looking forward to working and learning from you!
To find out more about me and my work, feel free to visit my web site:

Note that on the site there is a free media section that features some models I've made to date, and also some music I've composed (good for animation sound tracks, or just listening) Feel free to download anything you wish. On that note, in the gallery section if you see any peice you fancy as a background for your renders, yours welcome to those as well.

Well okay then, thanks for taking the time to read my post!


02/05/2006, 09h08
You are certanly in very good place to learn Carrara/Hexagon and Amapi.

I just bought Hex2 couple days ago, and hopefully I will be able to help in that department very soon.

Don't forget to take a peek at the galleries, some really good stuff there.

Search for anything and ask whatever you like. If thread is in french, there is translation button on the bottom of every page. Cheers :hi:

02/05/2006, 09h52
This looks like being the best forum for Hex/Carr still--welcome.

02/05/2006, 15h43
Welcome here !