Voir la version complète : This is incredible! Never seen anything like it!

28/04/2006, 20h37
I've been visiting 3d forums after forums and there's not one that doesn't talk about this momentous release of Hexagon 2. This is 3d history in the making. Everyone seems wanting to get a piece of it.

When is the next historical occasion? Carrara 6's release? Most likely. The competitors seem to be sleeping.

28/04/2006, 20h39
Expect Modo 201 next week.

28/04/2006, 22h21
That's good. It's called healthy competition.

Aunty Betty
29/04/2006, 17h14
Well pretty soon they can add that it's riddled with bugs and doesn't work unless you invest in a top of the range graphics card.