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09/04/2006, 01h46
Anyone know how to do this in plain english, I have tried to follow thread at


But my french is not good enough to follow this even with google translate

Comment mettre à jours la vignette de vos WIP


09/04/2006, 09h34
Ces vignettes sont générées à partir des images que vous attachez à vos messages, mais le forum ne prend en compte que la -dernière- images attachée à votre -premier- message !

This message explains how you can attach a thumbnail in your WIP.
Thomas explains that this thumbnail is the last picture you attach in your first message of your new WIP. This pictures is only jpg or gif.

09/04/2006, 10h17
Attache a 100x100 thumbnail at your first post of your wip. If you already had a thumbnail of 100x100 before, delete it before uploading a new one