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28/03/2006, 03h43
I just thought it'd be interesting to learn how everybody here got interested in 3D graphics/what program they started on. For me, I remember seeing a little flier for Bryce about 2 years back and it had a magnificent looking landscape on it, and I learned they were teaching it in our general computers class at my school. So I took that first class and here I am, pulled myself from an absolute beginner in Bryce to an absolute beginner in Hexagon and Carrara lol.

28/03/2006, 05h12
I started in 1993-94. There were couple of good programs RayDream > InfiniD/Logomotion and Sculpt 3D.

28/03/2006, 06h43
Well I started in 1998/99 with Hash Inc Animation Master :)
After using AM for acouple years I started to get frustrated because AM being a spline/patch based program couldnt import or use polygon based models and I had to make everything in AM which takes alot of time ,
so I decided to move into the polygon based programs and got Poser 5 and Truespace 5.2 , But I was dissatified with TS because it was so hard to import poser models and thats when I found Carrara 3 and transposer :) and I havent looked back :)
Because Carrara 3 had limited modelling tools in the VM I looked for a modelling program to use with it and poser and got Amapi 7 ,Zbrush and then Silo :) I loved Silo until Hex came along :) Hex is so much more powerful and easier to use IMHO :)
So now my main tools are Poser 6 , Hex 1 (soon Hex 2) and Carrara 5 pro :)
I have many other modelling programs but rarely use them since getting Hex and Carrara , this programs are just so easy to use compared to the others I have :)
the complete list of programs I have are ;
Cinema 4d6
Animation Master V8 to V13
Truespace 5.2 to 7
Zbrush1 to 2
Silo 1 to 1.4
Shade 8
Swift3d 4.5
Amapi Designer 7
Amapi Pro 7.5
Carrara 3 to 5pro
Vue4 to 5I
Poser 5 to 6
Mimic3 pro
Daz studio
Mirage 1.5
Manga studio
Particle Illusion 3
UV mapper pro

as you can see im a nutter when it comes to programs :) lol

28/03/2006, 06h47
I also started in a 3d class (2004) using Carrara 3. I started to like it so I bought the program for myself (C4P). Then bought C5P with Hexagon. I don't really like animation or at least making one. Too much work, but I like modelling object for stills.

28/03/2006, 06h50
:o thats alot of programs!

28/03/2006, 06h57
Oh yeah, I've seen ads for that Animation Master program, it didn't look too impressive. Pretty nice line-up there, I used to have one that could compete with that. But after Hexagon and Cararra I didn't really have a need for em anymore. I started off Modeling in Amapi 7 pro, but I like Hexagon much much better. Eovia has really impressed, and zbrush looks nice but Hexagon 2 seems to have most of the tools I was looking for in zbrush so I figure why try to adapt to such a cumbersome program if I can just use what I already am with the same results.

28/03/2006, 07h42
Yes Zbrush Has a steep learning curve and the UI is hard to get used too:(
cant wait for Hex 2 :)
Animation master is really powerfull , its power is more in its animation features ,
I has the most powerful boning rigging system ive seen , more powerful than Maya's
It Has Physics , Dynamic Hair and Cloth , soft bodies and rigid body dynamics ect :)
but is limited in its modelling tools when compared to Poly's
Some of the programs in my list will be for sale once Hex 2 is out:)
Zbrush and TS 7 I will sell for sure :)

28/03/2006, 08h30
Yeah, I'll definately be getting Hex2 as soon as it gets out.