Voir la version complète : Ulead Video Studio 9 Help plz!

14/03/2006, 03h23
Hey I was wondering if anyone here has used Ulead Video Studio 9. Im Having some problems.... Im making a video with pictures, audio, and some video. I have made my final project in the editor and are ready to render. When I render I made it in an AVI. format just to see if I could get a succesful load. It gets hung up about 25% through. After searching around a bit I find that when I change the transtion of the picture it got stuck on the rendering was fixied the transtion was a Album Transtion which when i played on the screen the sample animation it didnt play. I went through my editor and changed all these Album Transtions and render agian in AVI. to see it any of the other transtions had bugs. It loaded sucesfully but the audio was awful. I decied that i need to reder in a more effectient way so I rendered in DVD (3;4). It worked up until it got to a video which AVI. got past, I tried in diffrent formats and they all got hung up at this certain point. I changed all the transtions with out luck. Should i just save to an AVI. and make a disk or is there something that I am skipping or a bug in the programm.

Help needed,

14/03/2006, 07h23
Think you should be on the Ulead customer relations web site not an Eovia one.

15/03/2006, 02h19
get adobe premiere pro..
runs like a dream but the price says why

15/03/2006, 07h18
get adobe premiere pro..
runs like a dream but the price says why
Or get Ulead Media Studio Pro 8.0 it runs like a dream too and not so expensive.

15/03/2006, 09h00
Cornodog: IMHO, Premiere Pro series is not suitable for a lot of stuff, especially when you want to edit something else which is not at 24-25-29.97-30 fps... :( (Ex, video tutorials...)
I prefer a lot Premiere 6.5...
Unlead is a good product when you want to edit personnal stuff, or semi professional stuff (at this price..)

15/03/2006, 14h06
But for a slide / video show... 900 plus pictures and 30 minutes of video clips Premiere pro 1.5 performs flawlessly. As for the video tutorial editing thats good to know...
I have never used the Ulead products

20/03/2006, 17h48
I'm done rendering small little clips for my project, I just want to know what video editting software you guys recommend that can import the most common video formats(.mov .avi .etc) and sound files(.mp3 .wav) and that is wallet friendly(cheap):)

and has anyone tried Adobe Premiere 2 or any version of it?
and does Adobe Premiere 2 has the same functions as Final Cut for MAC?

thanx in advanced

23/03/2006, 06h59
Thanks for the ideas of new software since im familair with the Ulead proggram I think that the Ulead PRO 8 might be my best option, although mabe when im finished working on this project ill branch out to a new software pacage. Is there a demo trail I can download off their site and render on quickly...


P.S - Bwtr, The section that this is posted under is the *Misc dissuction - what ever you want....* and this is what i wanted to post ;)