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11/03/2006, 06h51
If you have ever seen objects that are etched inside little crystal blocks
(50mmx50mmx80mm) this comapny http://www.crystalrender.com/index.php. Now provides that service to anyone just like rapid prototyping(stl or print). It looks like a cool way to get an object out of your obsession and the price is not to bad for something that can be passed around and not break either($75 US)

11/03/2006, 17h04
It's great ! We could see our own models in crystal !
It's also a good gift idea.

27/03/2006, 11h36
That is very cool, I wish I had some models worth doing that with. You could even build a model with the idea that it would end up like that eventually... like make a fish with bubbles... or like an alien enclosed in a jar... or a caveman stuck in ice lol. Fun.