Voir la version complète : Great place.

10/03/2006, 06h53
Been using Carrara 5 for a very few weeks, used the demo till it ran out.
A good gausge of a program for me is if it's demo runs out before I uninstall it lol
Everytime I wish it could do something with Carrara, I find it can. :w00t:

I haven't had much to say here mostly because everytime I come here to ask a question I do a search and find the answer :)

I love this place :blush:

Been working on this today and thanks to tutorials, and questions answered in the forum, I was able to get exactely the effect I wanted; but it looks like it could do with a socket behind that bulb.

10/03/2006, 07h10
One of the tutes in the 3dXtract stuff shows how to make a light bulb with a screw thread! As you say, Carrara is a load of fun.