Voir la version complète : Advice : a visual book about Carrara 5 ?

10/03/2006, 01h24

I am new with carrara 5 (not v5 pro), I just bought it thanks to the discount, and I don't find any book about this version and "visual".
There was well a wiley.com Carrara 1 Bible but it is an old edition, version 1 from 2000... I explained to wiley, that it will soon be a collector, a vintage item ! pity.
I have found a big book, carrera 5 pro handbook by mike de la Flor but looks too much to begin and oriented animations and new features, probably too complex to begin, but who knows. I only saw it on Internet.

Any suggestion ? A good book a la "teach yourself visualy" about v5, with many simple examples, many screendumps, maybe a CD with examples, etc. Or even a French book about the english version ( I post on the french forum as well) ? But first of all a book for a newbies or dummy full of image and examples, if possible... :blush:


10/03/2006, 02h01
Lynda.com has the video series for Carrara 5 and maybe you can hunt down a copy of the Carrara 3 handbook. A lot of that still applies to C5.

10/03/2006, 07h46
No, Mike's book is a very good one for beginners

22/03/2006, 21h54
The Lynda.com tutorials are good if you're new to Carrara 5, I got a subscription for a month and watched them. My only complaint is that they were too much "This button does this...this button does that" People will generally enjoy/learn more from project based videos showing a render from start to finish. Maybe that's just me :)

23/03/2006, 03h39
Indeed, Eovia support suggested me to check Lynda pages.
In the meantime I bought the Carrera handbook from de la flor.
it is a pity that there no concurrent like a book in the collection "teach yourself visually".

23/03/2006, 11h52
The one at Lynda.com appears to be for total beginners, which I think is not different from reading the C5 manual. Judging from the long list of topics, it's not comprehensive. Let's not forget that Carrara is a complete package packed with thousands of features of which some we may never tap. What we need are courses, whether it be in book form, videos, pdf, html, etc. split or categorize in specific topics. Such as one for SHADERS, which I would like to explore in depth. Another one for ANIMATION, then LIGHTING, etc.

On Carrara's MODELING feature, well, since Hexagon made it irrelevant, I would have to wait till C6 comes out and see what Eovia came up with.

As for SHADERS, I don't want to be stuck with presets not knowing how every channel were blended together to produce the effect. I haven't seen a comprehensive tutorial about them to reach a point where you know what you're doing, instead of just coming up with happy accidents.

23/03/2006, 12h14
I agree about Lynda.com Signed up there too. Its to basic, the info shown there is found more or less in the manual. If I remember 3Dextract has a lot of good infos and show more project base tutorials. Unfortunaly its in pdf. Its always better to sit and relax with a good sandwich watching a videolol

But dont get me wrong. Lynda.com has a LOT of good stuff in there!
And I learned a new things from the videos, but all and all...

23/03/2006, 13h07
Seems to me that Mike de la Flor's book is actually better than the alternatives.

Amazon.Com (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1584504633/sr=8-1/qid=1143125597/ref=pd_bbs_1/103-2911040-1399861?%5Fencoding=UTF8)

23/03/2006, 15h24
do you know the link were you found the C5 by mike de flor [thierry-I]