Voir la version complète : Props to Eovia again!

03/03/2006, 16h37
From the Yahoo list:

I would like to know if there are still people experiencing serious
stability issues with Carrara 5 or Carrara 5 Pro now that we have released
the 5.0.5 patch.

There were a few people who complained about stability issues when the
product first came out and indeed we fixed several issues over the last few
updates that could explain those problems. I would like to make sure that we
fixed all the most important issues.

Let me know what you guys think.



Such a good company. Its a pleasure to use Carrara.

29/03/2006, 08h59
yep I sure am having issues still with the modeling room check out my thread here. see what you think. please let me know if I need to still get another update.


29/03/2006, 13h14
I assume you've reported your issues to tech support?

29/03/2006, 19h35
not yet but I'm going to right now a matter of fact. It's so frustrating. so I'm still modeling in carrara 4 pro then exporting back and forth between 4 and 5 pro just to get the results I need as of right now till the issue is resolved. So frustrating.