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13/02/2006, 00h10
I've heard alot about people who use space mouses and/or tablets for their 3D work and I was just wondering if anybody could tell me about the benefits they bring. I also know that they can be very spendy and are they worth the amount of money you put in?

13/02/2006, 07h48
Discussions come up regularly. Have you used the Search function here? Or at Renderosity or the Yahoo Carrara forums

13/02/2006, 07h50
Yeah, but the only ones I noticed where ones that just asked about the difference between brands, or which type to choose etc.

13/02/2006, 07h51
Discussions come up regularly. Have you used the Search function here? Or at Renderosity or the Yahoo Carrara forums. Four other threads here--one only 2 days old.

13/02/2006, 07h54
Yeah I found all those, but they didn't tell me what they did exactly. They were all comparative discussions. I have no idea what they do.

13/02/2006, 08h04
Look up the product sites and download all the info to read. More info there than you will ever get on these threads. Probably will be demo movies as well!

13/02/2006, 08h05
all right, thanks for the help.

13/02/2006, 08h16
Search for Wacom. They now have added a new line of "CyberTablets" to the range.

13/02/2006, 09h58
space mouse is only a navigation system. Very useful for presentation. We have one at the office, but I don't like it for working (modeling, animating, etc)
But I own two graphic tablets (two wacom). I use them a lot, for everything which is 2D: painting, drawing, creating my textures for the 3D, for Photoshop (a lot!), and for Zbrush (Zbrush is realy interesting with a tablet !)
Then, IMHO, you may need a tablet, but won't need a spacemouse...

13/02/2006, 12h01
For all my modeling needs I use Nostromo N50 (see image), very good for all of us who like shortcut keys while modeling :hi:

13/02/2006, 16h19
A video somewhere about how using that ? :)

13/02/2006, 18h15
It's just like additional keyboard, Thomas,video is not really needed...

I mapped hot-keys for things I use all the time as I see fit, so I do not have to use my regular keyboard which is under my desk (on the slider).

It is also nice cuz all of them are on a very small space, so I do not have to move my hand a lot (nice for my wrists in this old age of mine, lol)

Besides that, saves my keys from beeing destroyed, lol, it is actually a gaming device, so keys are more robust.

Here is a screenshot of SILO setup (it is using drivers and setup software for previous model which is N-40).

Hope this helps :)

P.S. I also highly reccomend it for playing Quake :devil:

13/02/2006, 20h12
ok, thanks for the screencapture :)

14/02/2006, 02h45
Thanks very much guys, that helped me out. Plus I realized that my school computer room, in which I do most of my work, has a tablet so I just tried it there lol. Fairly nice.