Voir la version complète : Help.. Ati Fire GL card users ?

11/02/2006, 02h37
I am looking for any Hexagon users that are using the ATi Fire GL V3200.
I would like to find out if the vid card is causing problems or something else on my system.. please see this thread http://www.eovia3d.net/showthread.php?p=69996#post69996. Could you please try this file and smooth it a cple of times and post your outcome...ATi believes it may be a compatability problem with Hexagon. Ty for your help

11/02/2006, 12h16
(try to change a preference in 3D display>misc>uncheck displaylists)

13/02/2006, 01h57
Well after hours and hours of troubleshooting I was hit in the head with a large red clay brick... I updated my video card driver.... located the original CD and loaded up the old fashioned driver.. Guess what?

Yep, Hexagon is as stable as stable can be once again... I just can't believe I forgot I did that... Oh well, happy again....

13/02/2006, 02h43
If at first you don't succeed--read the manual! (We all seem to find it hard to do that!)