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21/01/2006, 21h34
This will be my first project in Carrara/Hexagon.
It is a surgical animation of a hip replacement restoration. I have completed my models (very happy with the outcome considering my first time with this product) and am ready to render the animations.

I have seen some great video work by members here and would like to know what their preferences are. What program/ programs do you use for your post production work.


21/01/2006, 22h34
I am also interested in this topic.
Has any one used Motion and Final Cut for post production?

Corndog, on a PC environment, I understand that Adobe After Effects is popular. I guess it all depends on what kind of post production you want to do.

On the Mac end, Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, and After Effects are popular.

22/01/2006, 00h45

Toonman... That's good to know I had purchased premiere pro and after affects in November.. Have yet to do much on them but they are waiting for me..

Any Guru's here with some feedback ??

22/01/2006, 02h32
Final cut Pro, liveType, IDVD (pro) and motion or Particules Illusions (wandertouch), Combustion with a Power Mac Bi-pro are a very good choice. Actually an Imac G5 or MacIntel (I hope) are goods computers for semi pro video because OSX is pro first. Pro but very simple. I do movies with children also !!!! No problem for video. 3D and sophisticate postworks that's an other song !!!

03/02/2006, 06h46
I have Vegas, and love it.