Voir la version complète : Need some basic freestuff and community building...

21/01/2006, 06h51
One of the reasons I and I suspect many others adopted into Vue over the last few years was that right after Vue first came to renderosity awareness (from a poster who was actually banned for over-announcing it by the then Bryce friendly crowd... :D ) a bunch of people quickly jumped in with freestuff offers of the very basics.

Things like presets for atmosphere, common material presets for wood, water, brick, stone, etc... and all those other things that made it easy for newbies to jump in and quickly start working on heavy stuff, then come back later and learn those basics.

Looking around here, I don't see much of that for Carrara.

Right now the app is new for me, and it might be new for a lot of other people as it has a really good price break and features that make it a good challenger for Vue and Bryce and maybe even for Poser...

But, to get all us newbies in and working strong, we need a little handup. :p

Back when Carrara 1.0 came out, I bought that, but there was never much support for it and we all know how Metacreations went nuts shortly after... So I tabled it.

Now I see there are some tutorials out there for people like me, but not that many. And there are very few basic material presets, and almost no atmosphere presets (or rather, none that I have found). I did find a site which a bunch of free plugins, but I suspect those are for when I get past the early stages of learning.


What I'd like to ask is if people could make use of the downloads areas here or even at renderosity to give up some of the basics to let the community grow in size. The -app- has the potential to outpace Vue and Bryce, but the community here looks very small.

Another thing I'd ask for is if people could start posting in the carrara galleries on some of the big sites.

With luck I'll be able to start doing that soon myself.

Vue sold itself on the Poser community because of the people who came in and started swamping the galleries with Vue renders. Now its just part of the assumed scene that Vue is strongly connected to Poser. If Carrara can do that, people who have the ability to show it off ought to strut their stuff. :D

I went the Carrara gallery on renderosity today, and the free stuff section, and both are fairly small. I, as one single artist, have more images in my Vue gallery than Renderosity, with all of its artists, has in its Carrara gallery...