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17/01/2006, 01h29
What video format should I use on the web?

I've been working on my website and I would like to post up some video clips. However, I'm curious as to what format I should use to get the move coverage? Should I post flash-video, quicktime movies, avi's, wma, etc. And what general settings should I be concerned with?

I know that codecs is an issue for many people. So, this is why I ask.

Overall, my inital budget for buying new compressions or formats is limited to about $50 at the moment so that excludes the new Sorenson compression as well as some other compression formats. DIVX is too costy at the moment because I do not want a non-commerical license. The work on my site promotes myself and that is a commerical venture.

Thanks for your time,

17/01/2006, 03h24
QuickTime its about 30 usd, and you can export to many formats, like mp4, mpg files or use a .mov file with another compresion method

17/01/2006, 03h38
Andrew from what I see basic--as it comes--Quicktime seems to be about as easy and universal as you can get, certainly the only one for Carrara from a recent thread. That as it comes suggestion is because getting involved in different codecs is where a lot of problems originate I think. Having said that, converting to MP4 makes a huge difference to file size and that is the main codec I would suggest. But I don't think I know that much about it all.

17/01/2006, 03h48
Quicktime...no doubt

17/01/2006, 12h12
At Eovia and for this forum, I use quicktime, with the Sorenson Pro compression codec (via Sorenson Squeeze). It have a good compression/quality ratio, and anyone with Quicktime from 5 to 7 can read them.
You can have better ratio with H264 compression codec, but the visitors must have QT 7 and a strong CP if it's HD videos...
And divx/xvid need to have specific codecs install on computers