Voir la version complète : hello :)

11/01/2006, 01h42
hi :)

im new to this site looks great.
ive been for the last few months been staring at my computer screen
just looking at the hexagon and carrara packages....and gues what :w00t:
around 4 hours ago i placed a order for both of them:w00t:
when my mum said i could by it i was like:w00t: my mum was like:innocent: and my dad was like ... well... a bit like this:unsure::nuke::nuke:
but ya hi :D
bye :)

11/01/2006, 01h44
Welcome Icek !

11/01/2006, 04h17
icek14--tell your mum and dad that I am 73 and they have just made a great investment--not only in the products but also in the connection to the great folk on the Carrara web forums. Welcome.

11/01/2006, 18h29
:D thanks for the welcome guys :)

:Dby the way how long does it take to send someting from france to scotland :O

11/01/2006, 20h03
Welcome to the Carrara Community. If you have any question please post them. Also, the tutorial section here is expanding nicely, so there is a place to start if you are looking for any general techniques or to learn how to use Carrara.

13/01/2006, 18h29
great thanks for that :)

17/01/2006, 19h16
yay! i got the programs i came back from school and i got them :D.
i know there is a tutorials section for carrara and hexagon but wheres the best place to start :s ??

18/01/2006, 01h07
Icek this may sound different to what most people do nowadays but in my 73 years I always first have a quick look through everything written and click open every thing openable. Then I start at the very first word in the "book" and slowly work through to the end--doing each test example as it turns up. My children and grandchildren tend to jump from one interesting area to the next and then come to me because they lost the flow-through context of the overall message. Just like buying a car-open all the doors and things , twiddle with the knobs, then read the manual! THEN drive!

18/01/2006, 06h57
Hi and welcome.

I got Carrara and Hex very close together and I suggest you start with one and just stick with that for a week rather than jumping backward and forward between the two. Start simple, play and have fun. Don't worry if something does not make sense straight away as it might click in a day or two. Ask questions here - I've found these people to be polite most of the time :) But check the forum first to see if anyone else asked first :)

to use bwtrs example above - personally I drive first, crash a lot, then read the book.... lol