Voir la version complète : My 3D journey starts again (introducing myself)

08/01/2006, 08h32
Hello all, I just purchased my copy of Carrara 5 yesterday (oh, yeah):w00t:

Long time Bryce 5 user here, decided to go forward finally...:devil:

Since one of my long-term goals are highly realistic images, I simply could not ignore benefits of global ilumination and other more advanced rendering tehniques anymore and this wonderful price of only $160 (after all discounts).

So, here I am, and will most likely have a lot of questions, as I experiment with all the features and goodies...it actually feels good to be rookie again:)

You guys can check out my webspace ( if you like) to see the work in Bryce I did so far (all modeling done in SILO) HERE (http://kemalandsheila.com/index.php)

Cheers and talk to you all later...


08/01/2006, 09h11
Most impressive! Welcome to Carrara land.

08/01/2006, 11h17
Wise decision. I don't think Bryce will evolve anytime soon.

08/01/2006, 12h12
Your web site is very well and yours réalisations nice
I like also créations of yours friends
It's a great pleasure to make the step between Bryce and Carrara because the average of création is very more extended
(and excuse my english so bad)

08/01/2006, 12h36
Thank you guys for a nice welcome and comments on my website!

Hopefuly I will go through tutorials I found on this website or any others you people reccomend without a lot of problems, my main interest for starters are shaders and rendering tehniques, modeling is secondary, since Silo currently my primary modeling tool. I'm also very curious about UV editing in Carrara, since so far I used UVmapper only and my expirience in that field is very limited ...

Anyways, I'm going to read more stuff on this forum tommorow to catch up with all the important threads, talk to ya all later ! :)

09/01/2006, 02h31
Believe me when I say that someday I want to be able to create 3D half as good as you do!

09/01/2006, 02h55
You are an excellent modeler. It's cool your are using Carrara. Welcome.


09/01/2006, 08h20
Thank you guys !!! :)

09/01/2006, 08h33
Nice work, very good lighting !

09/01/2006, 16h14
Very nice work, I think you will enjoy the greatly decreased render times and features Carrara 5 has to offer. I also remember your friend lemonjim from my Bryce days. You should talk him into giving the C5Pro demo a whirl, too.

10/01/2006, 11h20
Welcome. I bought Bryce 5 right after Daz bought it from Corel. That tells you how new I am to Bryce. Carrara is very nice. I just wish it could use Bryce Mats. Oh, well.... I am learning Carrara 4 Pro.