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08/01/2006, 00h00
Just curious as to what the users of Carrara are using for Virtual memory/page file size.

I have 2GB of RAM and have two hard drives. 250 gig and an 80 gig.
I created my virtual memory/page file on my 2nd drive and have it set at 3gig min and 6gig max.

What size do you use and what works best for you ?
If there is a guru here with some extra knowledge on this please feel free to fill us in.


08/01/2006, 01h13
I have 2 page files, both are 3 GB min and 4 GB max. Windows 2000 Pro SP4, 2GB ram, Athlon XP 3200+, Quadro FX 500 AGP. Four hdds, 160 GB, 300 GB, 3 x 200 GB (dynamic, spanned volume). I can still add 2 ATA and 2 SATA150 hdds, plus 1 more fdd before my mobo's controllers are full.

I don't know about XP, but, Win2K Pro requires 1 page file on C:

Second OS is Novell/SuSE Linux 9.2 Professional, for email and browsing.

The 160 GB has 1 60 GB ntfs, 2 ReiserFS (journaling file system), and 1 Linux Swap. The 600 GB spanned volume is E:, and that is where all of my CGI apps are located.

I haven't encountered any problems with 2 page files. Win2K has a maximum pagefile size of 4095 MB. There is no point in creating pagefiles on the other partitions, since they are for pictures, downloads, general archives, and cgi content archives.