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07/01/2006, 20h53

Well all this debate got me thinking. I currently license a lot of software, and I mean a LOT! So I sent out an e-mail to all the software people (not to Nevercenter as they are busy with V2 and they always get back to me within nano-seconds) to see how quick people would respond to me wanting a quote for 120 licenses of software. I gave all info they would need with proof of who I am. The results:

Eovia - under 5 minutes.
Luxology - still waiting.
Softimage - within the hour.
Alias - still waiting.
Newtek - within the hour.
Maxon - under 10 minutes.

As a side note I also asked Gnomon for a quote for EVERY DVD they do, nothing back. I asked them again, nothing back. And again, nothing back!

I have never really used Hexagon or Modo but now I have a crap load of very mechanical modelling to do I am starting to take an interest. Anyone use eiter of these for precise mechanical work, if so got any comments?


08/01/2006, 00h31
Interesting. I read that entire thread, and saw one nose in the stratosphere, and one up where his sun never shines.

08/01/2006, 00h38
Yeah, I read the entire thread too. Some people are truely missing out on how great a company Eovia is. What a laugher!

08/01/2006, 12h22
In fact, it's more a problem for a user who can't undersand other point of view.
Eovia is a bigger company than Nevercenter and then, in some case, can't always be so reactive, but do as much as it can do.
And some users can't understand that some minor bugs are not a high priorites in comparaisons of major bugs.. or sometimes, what seems to be a small bug is hard to correct, because it can broke the software on multi other parts...

08/01/2006, 16h46
OR a bug that moves around in the code. Those are nightmares to track down, no matter what programming language is used.

08/01/2006, 20h32
I agree with you Thomas. I also understand that Eovia is a larger company and may not be as reactive as a company as small as Nevercenter, however, I have been impressed by the response of Eovia to various issues. Hexagon and Carrara both have bugs and yet Eovia seems to take care of them on a timely basis. Some of the bugs in Hexagon prior to v1.21 were quite an anoyance. That said patch v1.21 did a great deal to remedy those bugs. The patch was thorough and released pretty fast for a company that had a lot going on at the time. I was also impress by the response to a recent user thread here "The forest scene cause a mem allocation error": http://www.eovia3d.net/showthread.php?t=5416

This kind of stuff are the stuff that make a good company a great company. There is always going to be bugs and programming problems with any software. All companies need to deal with this. What seems to be most important is HOW a company deals with problems in relationship to their user base. It must be great to work for Eovia.

08/01/2006, 20h47
It must be great to work for Eovia.Yeah, it's great !:wub: